A trained Educator can care for your children in their safety-checked home, either full or part time. Our home based Educators are all part of PAUA Early Childhood Home Based Care Service, which not only meets, but exceeds, the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and is based around the approved New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whâriki.

PAUA Early Childhood Home Based Care Service

From the moment your child is born, he or she begins the process of learning. Your child will develop and learn more during the first three years of their life than they ever will again, so it’s important that they are surrounded by the most stimulating and educational environment.

It is now largely accepted that children learn best in comfortable, familiar environments such as the home. The Ministry of Education (MoE) has acknowledged this by setting guidelines for home based Early Childhood Education (ECE). PAUA Early Childhood Home Based Care Service not only meets, but exceeds these guidelines.

The preschool years, from birth to five years, are when children are “getting ready” for so many things: talking, walking, playing, learning and preparing for life. PAUA supports families and their Home Educator/Nanny, or family/whanau carer, in providing a Ministry of Education licensed programme to give children the best start.

What does PAUA provide?

Solid curriculum base

An educational programme that is individual to each child and is based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whâriki.


Monthly home visits by a qualified ECE Visiting Teacher. This enables the Nanny/Educator to plan a programme for your child taking into account the family’s values, needs and interests of the child.


Learning stories, including photos detailing your child’s progress, are written monthly and profile folders made up for each child with photos, artwork and learning stories.

Good communication

Daily diaries and systems to keep everyone in the loop and regular contact between the family and the Visiting Teacher.


Access to educational resources.


Regular playgroups and monthly trips.

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