Booking a Nanny or Babysitter with PAUA Poppetts means peace of mind for you.

We screen a vast amount of applicants for a position with PAUA Poppetts and we make every effort to represent and offer only the best applicants in the childcare industry. We carefully choose our carers and place them only with the ages of children they are most comfortable caring for. We do not take on everybody who applies to us.

We are here to assist our carers 24 hours a day and maintain a close working relationship with them, having meetings with all Nannies and Babysitters on a regular basis.

PAUA Poppetts carers are chosen for their fun, outgoing attitude along with the responsibility and reliability you would expect from a childcare professional.

We personally interview all of our Nannies and Babysitters one on one before we carry out our pre-screening process.


* 20 years of age or older

* Childcare resume with at least two years’ proven childcare experience

* Valid full clean driver’s licence and car

* Copy of passport or birth certificate

* Current child first aid certificate

* Excellent written and spoken English

* A clear New Zealand police vetting check (done annually)

* A minimum of two child care references (contacted directly by PAUA Poppetts)

PAUA Poppetts Meetings/Inductions

We believe in ongoing training and connection with our Nannies and Babysitters so we have regular meetings, training evenings and inductions to ensure that they are educated, informed, and maintain our high standard of providing quality care for your child.

PAUA Poppetts and St John First Aid

PAUA Poppetts has partnered with St John to ensure that our Nannies and Educators are qualified with a certificate in Child First Aid.  If they don’t have a current first aid certificate when they apply to us, we ensure they are booked on the next course to complete one.


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