PAUA Poppetts have a range of temporary childcare solutions designed to maximise your options and minimise your stress.

Postnatal Nanny:

An experienced Nanny can be employed to give newborn support in those early days and nights on a fixed term basis, including periods of 24/7 care. These Nannies have extensive experience with newborns and specialist skills and expertise in feeding and the development of routines for mother and baby.

Short Term Care Nanny:

From three hours to three months, PAUA Poppetts have experienced caregivers available for times when you may have a sick child, or perhaps a sick parent; or for when you need special weekend care; or your regular child care arrangements are unavailable, ie during the school holidays.

Sole Charge Care:

24/7 care when you can’t be there. Our sole carers can assume around the clock responsibility for your household as needed, if for example, you need to travel or are hospitalised or bedridden at home.

Event Care:

A professional carer can accompany your family during a wedding, family function, conference or event where your children may need additional care.

Corporate Care:

Nannies to look after your children when you have to go to work. These are provided by some ‘family friendly’ companies.

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