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There are a variety of ways of raising bright, happy, well-rounded, secure, sociable children and while everyone is no doubt bound to give you all of their differing opinions, it can be a relief to learn that there is not just ‘one right way’ any more.

Quite simply, babies and children need care, time, attention and warm relationships. In the first months and early years the pressures can be intense, despite this being the time when the conditions are set for children’s futures. The love and interaction they get in those first vital weeks and months matter crucially to their healthy development.

This assertion is not meant to make anyone feel guilty or add to that pressure either; understandably, many feel overwhelmed or under-supported in this time as they are struggling to adjust to new roles and facing new responsibilities – all while their bodies are crying out for rest!

The reality is: your children are in your hands – but we’re here to help!

Finding the right care solution gives you, as busy parents, the opportunity to concentrate your energies on maximising the quality of time spent with your children. A home based care expert can mean a much greater chance for your child to reach his or her full potential and it certainly means greater protection and supervision for your child. It’s an immensely effective sanity-saver too!

In Holland, the Dutch system of ‘kraamzorg’, or maternity nurses for all, helps parents in those vital first few days by ensuring there is an experienced extra set of hands and guaranteeing that both Mum and baby get some rest. PAUA Poppetts also recognises how important this time is and provides postnatal care, as well as a range of other care options, for every age and stage – whatever your budget.

Parenthood is often a juggling act and while it is quite normal to worry whether you are doing a good job, it can be reassuring to know that most children are being parented very well. So, cut yourself some slack… forget about being a perfect parent and instead aim to be one that loves your children and does the best with what you have. And don’t forget that quality, professional help is there when you need it – and that it will only help to develop more well-rounded, sociable and adaptable children.

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